Germany's top model finalist Martina in the Puretoi Talk with founder Petra Dieners

Germany’s Topmodel Finalistin Martina im Puretoi Talk mit Gründerin Petra Dieners
How does it feel to finally live your dream and work as a model?
I love this business - it is so diverse, so surprising and exciting. It just feels good.

Of course, everyone is interested: How was the collaboration with Heidi?
Heidi is a full professional in everything she does – otherwise she wouldn't be so successful. And like every professional I've ever met, she's kind and dedicated.

What has been the most challenging, most beautiful shoot so far?
One of the most beautiful shoots was definitely that for Puretoi in Milan - because I love the city, because the fashion is great and because we had so much fun as a team. I really enjoyed the day and the photos show it.

Please briefly describe your personal fashion style.
My personal style is very essential, very straightforward, with deliberately placed elements that draw attention to themselves. I like big, long, flowing coats. It has to feel cool and also practical. I free myself from everything that is not necessary, according to the motto "less is more".

Are there any dos and don'ts for you in fashion and if so, which ones?
There's a statement that describes well what I consider a don't: “I want to, but I can't” – so anything that looks forced is a don't. Too tight, too wide, too short, too long, too youthful, too mature, too big, too relaxed - all of these can fit perfectly without the "too" in front. I think fashion is always a tightrope walk that has to capture the trends of the time and the personality of the wearer. So there are no universal do's or don'ts.

What is a must-have for the F/W season?
I confess I don't have any must-haves.
They only show up when I see them

What was your worst bad buy?
I haven't had one yet.

Now that you're starting again as a model;
Would you like to be 20 again?
No, absolutely not. I always feel right where I am. I enjoy the path so much, I'm always curious about what's coming and what's around the next bend - like walking. I don't like going down the same path again.

What is special about a Ü50 model?
A 50+ model not only represents a very broad age group of people, but also a group of women who are in the process of reinventing themselves – that is, women who are either looking for inspiration or who are going their own way and moving into self-confidence want to find other women again. Because that's just the way it is - around 50 mothers get their freedom back again because the children are out of the house or at least out of the rough, and besides we already have so much work and life experience behind us that we can make our decisions better and can meet more confidently.

You are admired by many women for your courage to go your own way. What is your motto in life and do you have any advice for the women of your generation?
"Being fully human" is my motto and I see it as my right to life. That means I want to keep evolving until I'm in the grave. With this awareness I would like to inspire everyone and tell them: Even if there are very important people in your life, this life is still yours. Nobody lives it for you. Therefore live it as it is right for you - no matter what that "right" looks like.